Kyiv Shliach Leads World Ambassadors in Tehillim

Shluchim from around the globe joined their countries ambassadors at an International Diplomatic Luncheon in Washington D.C. Kyiv Shliach Rabbi Yonasan Markowitz recited Tehillim for the safety of Ukraine.

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Shluchim from around the globe joined their countries ambassadors at an International Diplomatic Luncheon, as part of the Living Legacy Conference taking place in Washington D.C.

Among the countries represented by shluchim or ambassadors were Morocco, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and many others. Even the country of Qatar had a representative present!

Representing the country of Ukraine was Chief Rabbi and Head Shliach to Ukraine Rabbi Yonasan Markowitz, who helped many escape the country before evacuating himself, and only recently returned to the city to celebrate Purim with those who remained. After Purim he evacuated once more, and on Wednesday he was invited to address the luncheon.

Rabbi Markowitz led the crowd in reciting the Rebbe’s kapital in Tehillim in merit of the safety and security of the Jewish communities and the entire population of Ukraine.

Also speaking were David Malpass, President of the World Bank Group, Anne Neuberger, a frum woman who serves as the Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology in the Biden Administration, and Stuart Eizenstat, former US Ambassador to the European Union and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. Eizenstat spoke of when he attended the Rebbe’s farbrengen as a representative of the US Government and his deep impressions from meeting the Rebbe.

The program was hosted by American Friends of Lubavitch, led by Rabbi Levi Shemtov.


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