Jumping on a Grenade to Save Lives?

Anash.org feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including bris by a reform mohel, shachris without tefillin, when to separate challa, and jumping on a grenade.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. A man whose Bris was done by a Reform Jew, need he do anything now? [1]
  2. The Rebbeim were emphatic that children should be taught to read by identifying the Alef, the Komatz, and that together we have the sound O. This is: a) Halocho LeMoshe MiSinai; b) instrumental for their Yiras Shomayim. Could you please provide sources?[2]
  3. I didn’t have my Tefilin in time for the Minyan for Shacharis; I expect to receive them shortly afterwards. Should I daven with the Minyan without Tefilin?[3]
  4. When separating Challoh, should I wait until the dough has risen?[4]
  5. I kneaded a Shiur of dough, but I wish to freeze half of it raw for next week. Should I say the brocho upon separating Challoh? [5]
  6. On the 1st day of Succos – which was Shabbos, a Jewish man dropped in saying that he’s traveling tonight/tomorrow, could he take the Lulav? Should I allow him to do so?[6]
  7. I have a metal sink that has two bowls. May I designate one for meat and the other for dairy?[7]
  8. Bread that is not Pas Yisroel: if I toast it, does it now become Pas Yisroel?[8]
  9. I got stuck in traffic close to Shabbos. Could I get into a taxi that will take me home, continuing to drive even once it is already Shabbos? [9]
  10. A group discussion of some Jewish students with their Chabad rabbi came up with the following question: Reuven sees a grenade thrown by a terrorist, headed to fall on Shimon. Is Reuven permitted to intercept the missile, thus forfeiting his own life in order to save the life of someone else? [10]
  11. We have a heating cabinet. Its maximum temperature is 80°-185° Fahrenheit. May we place food inside before or during Shabbos? [11]

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  1. But the Alter Rebbe continues and says that better one should Daven without Tefilin if waiting for Tefilin will cause him to Daven after Zman Tefila. Do we follow that? Or do we use Chatzos as “Zman Tefila” in this scenario? Or do we wait for the Tefilin even if it means Davenning after Chatzos?

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