Is a Plastic Ladle Considered a ‘Kli Sheini’? feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including mezuzah on an archway, bris by a female Jewish doctor, plastic ladle as a kli sheini, and bar mitzvah aliyah on Rosh Chodesh.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. A doorway that has straight posts, but then has an arched lintel – where should the Mezuzah be placed?[1]
  2. A young man had his circumcision done by a female Jewish doctor. Is there a need for הטפת דם ברית?[2]
  3. Should a visitor to Eretz Yisroel at this time of the year say ותן טל ומטר?[3]
  4. I prepared a Kesubah, spelling out the location where the Chupa was to be held. It turns out that by the time we would arrive at that venue it would be after nightfall, so the date of the Kesubah would be backdated. I don’t have a spare Kesubah handy. What should I do now?[4]
  5. Some Poskim consider a ladle used to take boiling hot soup from a pot, as a kli rishon itself. Would this hold true for a plastic ladle?[5]
  6. In Minhag Chabad, the first Aliya of a Bar Mitzvah is not on Shabbos morning. What about on Yom Tov or Rosh Chodesh?[6]
  7. In my Shlichus there are numerous men who – during the winter – would be happy to come for Friday night services at 6 PM, but not earlier (due to their workday not finishing in time for Shabbos). Is it right or wrong for us to host such services?[7]

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  1. [1] ראה יו”ד סי’ רפז ס”ב; חובת הדר פ”ז הע’ לה; שכל טוב סי’ רפז אות מד.
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  4. [4] ראה שו”ע חו”מ סי’ מד; הנשואין כהלכתם פי”א סעיף קעז ואילך.  
  5. [5]  בס’ שבת כהלכה פ”א סנ”ג מקיל בשואב ע”י ‘האט-קאפ’, כי אין דפנותיו מחממות. ונ”ל דה”ה בנדו”ד.
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