If I Mistakenly Ate on a Fast, Should I Still Fast the Rest?

Anash.org feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including fruit that ripened on Shabbos, fasting after eating by mistake, when to pick up the becher for kiddush, and the significance of a four-legged table.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. Before Shabbos I put some unripe avocados in a brown paper bag, to ripen over Shabbos. May I eat them on Shabbos once they have ripened?[1]
  2. The Chevra Kadisha customarily designate an annual fast-day. When that date falls on a Friday, is the fast held then or is it brought forward to Thursday?[2]
  3. We have six men who davened Shmoine Esrei, but one of them is slower than the rest. We actually have nine men who will listen to the Chazan’s repetition. Must the Chazan wait for Mr.#6 to conclude his prayer before commencing the Repetition?[3]
  4. One who ate accidentally on a fast, should they continue fasting?[4] With עננו?
  5. Regarding Yom Kipur, the advice to those who are unable to fast totally is to eat small amounts at intervals. What about the other fasts?[5]
  6. Is the paragraph in Selichos beginning with הרשענו said or omitted?[6]
  7. Please clarify exactly from which words we hold the kiddush cup: 1. Friday night; 2. Shabbos day; 3. Yom tov night; 4. Yom tov:[7]
  8. I need to administer an injection on Shabbos. May I connect the needle to the main body of the syringe?[8]
  9. Is there a reason for a table to have davka four legs?[9]
  10. Feedback on fish cooked in a meaty dish, to be eaten with dairy:[10]
  11. Feedback on Kaddish after Torah-Reading at Shabbos Mincha:[11]

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  1. [1] בפסקי תשובות (סי’ שי אות ג) התיר לפי שראויים הם לאכילה ע”י הדחק. אך בסוף הערה 14 מוסיף דלא אידחו בידיים. וכן מפורש להיתר בארחות שבת (פרק יט אות שע) אפילו כשלא היו ראויים לאכילה בתחלת השבת אפילו ע”י הדחק. בשוע”ר (שם ס”ב) מתיר מחמת שראויים לאכילה ע”י הדחק. והיינו לפי שמתיר אפילו היכא דדחאו בידיים.
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  4. [4] משנה ברורה סי’ תקסח סק”ח; מטה אפרים סי’ תרב סכ”ג. שו”ת צ”צ או”ח קט-י.
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