Help Fulfill Rabbi Benny Wolff’s Dream

Despite the passing of Rabbi Benny Wolff six months ago, his wife and family are committed to continue and expand their shlichus in Hanover, Germany. Help them renovate the newly purchased Chabad House, called ‘Bais Binyomin’, in his memory.

Dear Shluchim and Chassidim,

Six months ago, we were all there to provide tremendous comfort to the Wolff family when they experienced the painful and tragic loss of their dear father and husband, the Rebbe’s Shliach in Hannover, Germany, Rabbi Benny Wolff, A”H.

Our support allowed them to begin healing and rather than being broken, they were able to get up and march forward in their shlichus. His wife Sterni awed us all with her determination to stay in Hanover along with her eight children, steadfast in their efforts with the Jewish community, to continue Benny’s life’s work.

Her heroic decision to continue their Shlichus in Hannover was a tremendous Kiddush Lubavitch and expression of what Shlichus is all about and the boundless strength that the Rebbe gave to all of us, his Chassidim, Shluchim and Shluchos.

Today we want to invite you to participate in the furtherance of their Shlichus.

Yesterday at the International Kinus Hashluchim Banquet, we all watched Shterni’s oldest son Levi write a letter to his father, assuring him that since his passing the Chabad House never closed and classes and minyanim never stopped. We all teared up when he we heard this 13-year-old bochur announce, “we have questions, but we have no doubts,” and were moved by his resolution and promise – to continue the Rebbe’s shlichus in Hannover and help his mother with this monumental task.

We, a group of Shluchim and Chassidim from Germany and the world, helped Mrs. Wolff buy a property for Chabad of Hannover. Yesterday you watched a group of us bring the keys to Rabbi Wolff’s gravesite, to let him know that a permanent Chabad House had been established and would be named ‘Bais Binyomin’ in his memory.

Bais Binyomin will ensure Chabad’s establishment as a vital part of Hannover, and perpetuate Rabbi Benny’s legacy of Shlichus.

Today, we are reaching out to you, our fellow Chassidim, Shluchim and Shluchos around the world. Please help support our dear fellow Shlucha Mrs. Shterni Wolff and her children renovate this new building as the new Chabad House in Hannover.

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Vaad of Shluchim for Chabad of Hannover

Rabbi Yitzchak Michaan – S. Paulo, Brazil
Rabbi Elyokim Wolff – Morristown, NJ
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Havlin – Ramat Shlomo, Israel
Rabbi Berel Lazar – Moscow, Russia
Rabbi Yisroel Diskin – Munich, Germany
Rabbi Yudi Tiechtel – Berlin, Germany
Rabbi Shlomo Bistritski – Hamburg, Germany
Rabbi Yisroel Greenberg – El Paso, TX
Rabbi Aryeh Goldberg – Rabbinical Center of Europe
Rabbi Eliyahu Neumark – Hannover, Germany
Rabbi Zalman Gurevitz – Frankfort, Germany
Rabbi Eli Wolff – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Rabbi Shloimi Pels – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Greenberg – Anchorage, AK
Rabbi Zushe Wolff – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Rabbi Levi Azimov – Paris, France
Rabbi Avrohom Wilff – Odessa, Ukraine
Rabbi Yossi Pilmar – Bnei Brak, Israel
Rabbi Shlomo Deitsch – Samara, Russia
Rabbi Dan Zakuta – Kirovograd, Ukraine
Rabbi Zalman Deitsch – Perm, Russia
Rabbi Shaul Hababo – Bobruisk, Belarus
Rabbi Zalman Wishedski – Basel, Switzerland
Rabbi Zushe Greenberg – Solon, OH
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gurevitz – Offenbach, Germany
Rabbi Mendy Vilenkin – Dortmund, Germany
Rabbi Yossi Wolff – Kherson, Ukraine
Rabbi Aharon Gopin – Kirot, Israel
Rabbi Yossi Wilhelm – Knoxville, TN
Rabbi Yosef Gruzman – Aachen, Germany
Rabbi Shmuel Gopin – Miami, FL
Rabbi Dovi Henig – Chengdu, China
Rabbi Aryeh Edelkopf – Podgorica, Montenegro
Rabbi Berri Spitezki – Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Chaim Barkhan – Dusseldorf, Germany
Rabbi Chaim Greizman – Stockholm, Sweden
Rabbi Eliezer Chitrik – Nuremberg, Germany
Rabbi Dovid Gvirz – Berlin, Germany
Rabbi Mendel Shtroks – Cologne, Germany
Rabbi Chezky Wolff – Manhattan, NY
Rabbi Shneur Havlin – Dresden, Germany
Rabbi Yosef Yerachmiel Havlin – Frankfort, Germany
Rabbi Yochanan Gordon – Munich, Germany
Rabbi Yisroelik Bistritski – Jerusalem, Israel
Rabbi Yochanan Gordon – London, UK
Rabbi Shneur Trebnik – Ulm, Germany
Rabbi Sholom Ber Aharonov – Essen, Germany
Rabbi Yakov Gitler – Frieberg, Germany
Rabbi Chaim Hillel Azimov – North Cyprus
Rabbi Nochum Presman – Potsdam, Germany
Rabbi Meir Shlomo Glitsenstein – Netanya, Israel
Rabbi Yossi Goldberg – Bangkok, Thailand
Rabbi Shmuel Havlin – Hamburg, Germany
Rabbi Shmuel Aharonov – Essen, Germany
Rabbi Dovid Slavin – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Rabbi Alex Prochensky – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Rabbi Shmuel Haber – Beer Yaakov, Israel
Rabbi Yisroel Zilberstrom – Brooklyn, NY

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