From the Archives: Brunoy 5718/1958

On the yahrtzeit of Reb Yosef Goldberg, a reader was kind enough to send us this picture, taken in the summer of 5718/1958. The photo is of a class taught by Rav Goldberg in Brunoy.

Several of the bochurim in the class had recently arrived from Morocco, where the Rebbe’s shluchim were actively saving Jewish youth.

We were able to name many, but not all, of those seated. You can add your suggestions in the discussion box below.

R-L: R. Itchke Belinov (Italy), R. Moshe Nemenov a”h, R. Yisroel Labkowski (Crown Heights), R. Chaim Schmeltzer, Unknown, R. Shlomo Elfassi, Unkown, Unknown, Unknown, R. Yosef Goldberg a”h, R. Aron Dalfin (Crown Heights), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, R. Yakov Atzaraf, Unknown, R. Hirshel Shifrin (Crown Heights), R. Shimon Dahan, Unknown

Photo credit: Miriam Hurwitz

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