Friends Unite to Support Ramy’s Family

R’ Ramy Zion a”h, a young father and longtime member of the Crown Heights community, passed away suddenly. Friends have set up an emergency fund to help support his family.

Last week our brother and friend R’ Ramy Zion a”h, at the age of 58 years old, tragically, suddenly, and painfully passed away

Ramy was a beloved young father, friend, and longtime member of the Crown Heights community. 

Ramy a”h personified what it means to guide a family emotionally, spiritually, and materially. As the rock of his beautiful home, he inspired his children to lead lives of Chassidus and Yiras Shamayim, and was well on his way to enjoying a long life of Yiddishe Nachas.

Ramy was the breadwinner and sole provider of his home!

He was involved in all our Shuls, Shiurim, Farbrengens, Hiloulot, etc. He cared about others and was always from the first to volunteer for any Mitzvah.

The void he left behind can never be filled.

In our grief, we cannot forget the material impact of his passing. A mother with her family, including two unmarried children, were left alone, and it’s our responsibility to stand beside them in a long-lasting manner, far after the headlines have moved on.

The Kulanu for Rami campaign is our opportunity to set the family on a secure footing for their difficult journey ahead.

He can’t be there for them – we must!

Please donate with your generous heart, their Father in Shamayim, the Avi Yesomim, will surely repay those who look out for His dear children.

Donate Now!

Thank you.


Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky
Rabbi Yisroel Shimon Kalmanson
Rabbi Yehuda Friedman
Rabbi Yaacov Nimni
Rabbi Meir Shushan 
Rabbi Lazer Avtzon
Yehudah Elmakies 

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