Educators Attend Full Day Of Sessions At Chinuch Conference

250 educators attending the Chinuch conference in Stanford, Connecticut, took part in a full day of sessions and workshops led by a diverse group of mechanchim and professionals, each discussing the area of his expertise.

Day one of Chinuch conference concluded at the Armon hotel in Stanford Connecticut, with over 250 educators from across the for a full day of sessions and workshops, organized by the Merkos Chinuch Office directed by Rabbi Nochum Kaplan.

The first day’s sessions were led by: Rabbi Aharon Hersh Fried, Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at Stern College of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Dr Yosef Shagalow, S. Paul Minnesota, author and educator Rabbi Yehuda Adilist, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in memory of Chaim Mordechai Ben Simcha Malche. 

The General sessions were addressed by: Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky, Crown Heights Brooklyn, Rabbi Levi Plotkin of JEM made a special presentation regarding Shnas Hakkel together with his staff, Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig of Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Rabbi Boruch Kaplan of Connecticut led an inspiring session during lunch in memory of Hadassah bas Schneur Zalman & Reb Cheim Meir ben Alter Yissachar Dov. 

On behalf of the entire staff at the Chinuch office we would like to thank the Vaad HaKinus:

Rabbi Yoel Chazan, Kingston, PA, Rabbi Yossi Evers – Oholei Torah, Crown Heights Rabbi Manis Frankel, Pittsburgh, PA, Rabbi Yaakov Garfinkel, LEC N. Miami Beach, Florida, Rabbi M.M. Greenbaum, Los Angeles CA, Rabbi Levi Kaplan, Monsey, NY Rabbi Mendel Klyne, Detroit MI, Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Oholei Torah, Crown Heights, Rabbi Yitzchok Newman, Huntington Beach, CA, Rabbi Zali Silver. Monsey, NY, Rabbi Yaakov Scheinberger, Margate, FL. Rabbi Yossi Wolff, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Crown Street, Rabbi Mendy Yusewitz, Ohr Menachem, Crown Heights, Rabbi Yoel Vogel, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Crown Street, Rabbi Wagner. Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Parkway and Rabbi Aaron Wilschanski, Morristown, NJ. Rabbi Menachem Kirschenbaum, Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 

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