Educators Attend Full Day of Sessions at Chinuch Conference

Educators attending the Chinuch conference in Edison, NJ, took part in a full day of sessions and workshops led by a diverse group of mechanchim and professionals, each discussing the area of his expertise.

In its largest attended Chinuch conference yet, over 250 educators from across the world gathered in the Crown Plaza hotel in Edison New Jersey for a full day of sessions and workshops, organized by the Merkos Chinuch Office directed by Rabbi Nochum Kaplan.

Today’s sessions were led by: Rabbi Levke Kaplan, Monsey New York, Rabbi Menachem Klyne, Detroit Michigan, Rabbi Ari Wilschanski, Morristown New Jersey, Rabbi Yakov Sebag, Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Shmuel Wagner, Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, New Haven, Connecticut, Rabbi Avohom Kotlarsky, New City, Rockland County, Rabbi Aron Ginsberg, Boro Park, Brooklyn.

The General sessions were addressed by: Rabbi Dr. David Fox, Director of Project Chai’s Crisis Intervention, Rabbi Dr. Aharon Hersh Fried, Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at Stern College of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, Executive Director of the Merkos Office office, Mr. Asher Lieblich, CPA and principal of Lieblich Financial Services.

The staff at the Chinuch office thanks the Vaad HaKinus, Rabbi Yaakov Garfinkel; LEC North Miami Beach, FL;  Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, Cheder Menachem, Los Angeles, CA;  Rabbi Aron Ginsburg, Gan Yisroel, Boro Park, NY;  Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, NEHA, New Haven, CT;  Rabbi Levi Kaplan, Cheder Menachem, Monsey, NY;  Rabbi Menachem Kirschenbaum, Fort Greene, Brooklyn;  Rabbi Mendel Klyne, Cheder Lubavitch, Detroit, MI;  Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Oholei Torah, NYC;  Rabbi Yitzchok Newman, HA, Huntington Beach, CA; Rabbi Moshe Rodman, DHA Las Vegas, NV;  Rabbi Yaakov Scheinberger, HACS, Margate, FL;  Rabbi Yaakov Sebag, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Ocean Parkway, NY; Rabbi Efraim Sorkin, Cheder Menachem, Baltimore, MD.

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