DIY: Build Your Own Sukkah Mobile

In this 5-minute tutorial, Rabbi Menachem Posner demonstrates how to construct a sukkah on the back of a pickup truck.

Shopping List:

1 pickup truck

4 ¾” three-way corner canopy fittings
1 kosher certified bamboo mat

Pick up in store
1 pack of cable ties
3 1x2s (wood)
8 pieces of ¾” aluminum conduit pipe
3 4×8′ vinyl lattices

Cutting Instructions:

Measure distance between the loops on side of truck bed as well as the width of truck bed

1x2s: slightly longer than distance between loops

2 lattices: slightly longer than distance between loops
1 lattice: as wide as truck bed

4 pipes: height of proposed sukkah (less than 30′)
2 pipes: slightly shorter than distance between loops
2 pipes: slightly shorter than width of truck bed

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