Daily Sicha Launches in Podcast Format

The ‘Sicha Yomis’ program, which selects a ten minute selection from the Rebbe’s sichos for every weekday of the year, launched on podcast platform, making the daily clip even more accessible to chassidim around the world.

By Anash.org reporter

Shuls play it between Mincha and Ma’ariv, and yeshivos play it before the bochurim conclude their day.

The daily sicha clip selected by the popular Sicha Yomis program is approximately ten minutes long and connected to each day, by tying in with the time of the year, the daily Chitas or that day’s Rambam. 

The website continues to offer free access to the transcript of the sicha in the original Yiddish, the Hebrew translation, as well as mp3 files of the sicha audio for those who would like to play it without internet connection.

Earlier this year, Sicha Yomis completely updated their website, introducing a beautiful, user-friendly layout and a variety new options to make it even easier for anyone to listen to the daily sicha. Especially noteworthy is the advanced search feature, allowing users to search for a sicha based on the topic of the daily shiur of Chumash or Rambam, the date, or by keywords in the sichos. The search scans the entire Sicha Yomis archive, which includes about 2500 sichos!

After decades of sending the audio clips out on tapes, cds, and more recently an app and website, Sicha Yomis has launched in a podcast format, streaming on all podcast platforms.

Director of Sicha Yomis, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Gurary told Anash.org, “Our hope is that the new platforms will increase the koch in hearing the words of the Rebbe as he said them, and will bring closer the time when we will be privileged to hear a new Torah from the Rebbe, may it be immediately now.”

To access the Sicha Yomis:

Google: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9wb2RjYXN0LnRoZWRhaWx5c2ljaGEuY29tL2ZlZWQueG1s?ep=14



and all other podcast platforms.

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