Crown Heights Learns Shabbos Goy Rules

Why do some people have a non-Jew push their wheelchair to shul while others just stay home?

Why can I tell a goy to open the fridge even though the light will go on?

May a Chabad House rely l’chatchila on Amira L’nachri?  

These, as well as many similar questions, were addressed by Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun member of Crown Heights Beis Din at a special shiur on Sunday night, at Mishkan Moshe in Crown Heights.

After a brief introduction given by Rabbi Avraham Lerner, director of Ohr Halacha, Rabbi Braun laid down the complex rules of Amira L’nachri in an astonishingly clear fashion.

A crowd of over 100 packed the Beis Medrash and listened intently as the Rav dispelled common misconceptions and explained the fallacy of the notion that all melacha is mutar if one just hints, without asking explicitly.

All went away enriched by the depth and quality of the shiur, inspired to learn more.

The shiur was a joint project of Mishkan Moshe and Ohr Halacha.

Mishkan Moshe is an active Beis Medrash centered at 580 Crown, which is in memory of R’ Moshe hakohen ben Tzion.

Ohr Halacha is a Crown Heights based organization dedicated to spreading awareness of halacha and Jewish life.

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