Crown Heights Girls to Join Chol HaMoed Mivtzoim

The Lubavitch Youth Organization invites girls in Grades 4 and up to go mivtzoim this Chol Hamoed on Thursday, 17 Tishrei, Sep. 23. leaving at 1:00 PM from Bais Rivkah Crown St.

Following the success and excitement of the Gimmel Tammuz Mivtzoim Event, the organizers decided to plan a unity mivtzoim event and send-off once again for the Crown Heights girls.

Girls from all Crown Heights schools Grades 4th-10th will IyH be meeting at the Bais Rivkah High School Lunchroom, 310 Crown Street, at 1:00 PM and will travel with 11th/12th grade, seminary, and post-seminary chaperones. They will IyH return to Crown Heights by 3:30 PM, to Bais Rivkah High School.

In addition to lighting up as many neshamos as possible through Mivtza Lulav, seminary and high school students hope to share with the girls the beauty, privilege, and impact one has when they do the Rebbe’s shlichus. 

When the girl arrives, there will be someone to greet her and show her which mivtzoim group she will be a part of. We will do our best to keep grades and schools together. When she meets her chaperones, she’ll be given a colored bracelet with an emergency number. We will iyH provide subway passes and the chaperones will be informed of which route they will be taking the girls on. 

The event will be kicked off with a briefing to help the girls tap into how awesome what they’re about to do is. Like any good host, we will also provide snacks for the girls coming before they embark with their chaperones on the very special shlichus with which Dor HaShvii has been privileged and entrusted.

To participate, you can sign up using the link below.

Building on the great experience girls had on these mivtzoim groups, we hope to make this a year-round program – stay tuned for details as they will be announced!

Looking forward to greeting you there tomorrow!

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