Can I Wear a Coat on Shabbos with a Sewn-In Tracker? feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including wearing a coat on Shabbos with a sewn-in tracker, reading cookbooks on Shabbos, using zip-ties or mayonnaise on Shabbos, and using a silver Mayim Acharonim dish.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. In the Alter Rebbe’s Sidur, in the brochos after the Haftorah, it seems that the word ורחמן should be omitted. Yet it is said according to Minhag Chabad. Some clarification.[1]
  2. Is one allowed to wear a coat on Shabbos that has a sewn-in tracker?[2]
  3. In error, a Levi was called up for the 4th Aliya. What should be done now?[3]
  4. When using Tefilin for someone who needs a smaller girth, may one simply pull in some of the upper strap, or does one need to resize the girth totally?[4]
  5. May jewelry that has HaShem’s name engraved be worn when entering a restroom?[5]
  6. May one read cookbooks on Shabbos?[6]
  7. In the event of relocating our Shul to more suitable premises, is there a permissible way for our current premises to be used for other forms of worship?[7]
  8. On Shabbos, may one mix tuna flakes with mayonnaise?[8]
  9. On Shabbos, may one zip-ties [to hang up a large poster]?[9]
  10. Is it appropriate to use a silver dish for Mayim Acharonim?[10]
  11. Follow-on about davening after a drink of alcohol:[11]
  12. Follow-on about whether Bnei Noach have כוח of prayer:[12]

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  1. About the tracker: The Heter is based on the Alter Rebbe’s words תשמיש המלבוש. In truth the Alter Rebbe is more elaborate in סעיף ח by saying 2 things צורך המלבוש and תשמיש המלבוש. In any case, the terms are not defined here, but in סעיף מו it’s defined pretty clearly משמשות ללבישתו (meaning, he uses the item as a button or a belt etc.).
    (Think of it like when wearing a Gartel outside on Shabbos, which is not really צורך המלבוש since the Kappota buttons are closed. שו”ת מנחת יצחק סי’ מא talks all about it).
    In the case of the tracker, it’s not needed for the “wearing” of the garment. Just as a woman wearing ציצית on Shabbos is חייב (in סעיף מה), even though the ציצית were put there as צורך המלבוש for when a man wears it – for a woman it is not צורך המלבוש. (To explain, in order to allow a man to wear that garment it must have ציצית – so it’s צורך, in order to allow a woman to wear that garment – ציצית are not needed – so it’s not צורך.)
    By the case of the labels etc. they are all Botul as the AR writes in those סעיפים.

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