Can I Reheat Moist Foods on Shabbos? feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including asking a child to turn off the stovetop, a ride home from the hospital, and reheating moist foods on Shabbos, and the bracha for toiveling a pot with a lid.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. A lady accepted Shabbos early and then realized that one burner under her blech had turned off. Her husband was in Shul and had already davened Maariv early. Is she allowed to ask a Jew – who hasn’t accepted Shabbos – to light her burner for her?[1]
  2. May Mikva towels be washed during Chol HaMoed?[2]
  3. The Alter Rebbe rules against reheating on Shabbos foods that will ooze fat that will become hot. What about reheating foods that contain moisture?[3]
  4. During Chol HaMoed Pesach, on Day Four we leined the reading of Day Five. What should we read on the morrow?[4]
  5. יציאת מצרים, is there a difference between a son or a daughter? [5]
  6. Friday night the stovetop got turned on by mistake and we were anxious that it be dangerous, so we had my one-and-a-half-year-old toddler turn it off. Was that okay? [6]
  7. ובא לציון: that 1st Chazon steps back three steps at end of repetition of Shmoine Esrei: [7]
  8. May I grate potatoes on Yomtov with a hand-grater, to make fresh latkes? [8]
  9. One discharged from hospital during Shabbos, may be driven home by a non-Jew? [9]
  10. When immersing a pot and its lid in the Mikveh: על טבילת כלי or כלים? [10]
  11. Tzitzis hanging on a thread?[11]

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  1. Is it the Kugel really dry when is taken out of the fridge? In my experience, if you take a kugel out of the fridge, touch it and touch a napkin afterwards it would be possible a bit of the fatty liquid in that was transferred to my finger and then afterwards to the napkin…

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