Fund to Help Recovery of 16-Year-Old Accident Victim

A campaign was launched to help the recovery of Yossi, a 16-year-old boy visiting from Postville Iowa, who was hit by a car on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights over a month ago and is still hospitalized.

On early Friday morning July 1st, Yossi, a 16-year-old boy visiting from Postville Iowa, was hit by a car on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. Unfortunately, the car was speeding over 50 miles per hour, and Yossi was severely injured. At first, due to swelling in the brain, things were not looking good, and Yossi was kept in a comatose state.

But B”H the swelling went down, Yossi’s recovery has continued and he has been improving ever since! One month later on July 31st, Yossi, although still bedridden, was able to don Tefillin on himself for the first time, and continues to recover.

On August 3rd, Yossi was transferred to an Iowa city hospital.

A few days later, on August 10, Yossi’s younger brother Yonatan celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. Yossi’s family was so happy to celebrate, but they are still facing financial trouble. Now Boruch Hashem they have to pay for a Bar Mitzvah as well. As such, the campaign goals were updated to reflect these new expenses.

After the dust settles Yossi faces rehab, and Yossi’s family is facing medical bills, loss of wages and other piling expenses.

Please Help Yossi’s family recover from the trauma by alleviating their expenses.

Tizku Lemitzvos, and Moshiach now!

Please click here to help now.

Please continue to daven for Yosef Yitzhak David Ben Sigalit.

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