Camp Staff Dive Deep into Torah with Record Participation

A record-breaking 150 Bochurim serving as staff at overnight camps have enrolled in this summer’s Staff Mivtza Torah program. Less than 24 hours left to enroll and receive a free Gemara.

This summer, a record-breaking 150 Bochurim serving as staff at overnight camps have enrolled in the Staff Mivtza Torah program. This initiative allows camp staff to dedicate their breaks to intensive Torah study, bringing consistent learning into the summer camp experience.

Participants will delve into the entirety of Masechta Makkos throughout the summer. Recognizing the program’s value, camps have actively participated by hiring additional staff to cover for the bochurim during their learning sessions, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting their staff in their limud haTorah.

With a daily quota that will fit into the schedule of every staff member, this program is within everyone’s reach. To help the bochurim along, there will be a grand raffle at the end of the summer on a dollar from the Rebbe plus other prizes. And considering the automatic $100 cash bonus for all those who make it through the summer, joining the Mivtza is a no-brainer!

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