New Learning Program Will Uplift Summer Camp Staff

Seeing the need for structured learning among camp staff, a program was created that provides learning materials and monetary incentives to uplift the staff, and through them, their campers.

It’s a challenge that any bochur who’s ever been to camp can relate to. Bochurim come to camp with the best of intentions, but without the structure and motivation of a regular yeshiva environment, it becomes very difficult to keep up a steady schedule in learning.

“Staff are tired after a long day in camp, and it’s hard for bochurim to have structured learning,” notes Tzemach Sanowicz, Head Counselor in CGI Florida. “I’ve seen clearly over the past few summers what this does to a staff member’s ruchnius’dike mood, which in turn affects his functionality and enthusiasm in general.”

After discussing this issue with other head staff, together with Hanhalos of various yeshivos, The Staff Mivtza Torah was born. The Mivtza seeks to provide bochurim going to camp with a framework that will enable them to successfully continue their momentum in yeshiva straight through the summer.

“What we’re missing is the boost that comes along with a supportive atmosphere of learning among chaveirim, all koching in the same sugya,” notes Rabbi Yossi Rubashkin. “We’re seeing bochurim during the year who are strongly involved and motivated in their learning, but when they go off to camp they find it challenging to maintain the rhythm. This initiative fills that void.”

Feedback so far has been enthusiastic from both bochurim as well as Hanhalos. “This year, I will finally be able to accomplish my summer learning goals!” says a bochur in Oholei Torah Zal. “This is the push I need to help me have a well-rounded summer, b’gashmius uv’ruchnius.”

With a daily quota that will fit into the schedule of every staff member, this program is within everyone’s reach. To help the bochurim along, there will be a grand raffle at the end of the summer on a dollar from the Rebbe plus other prizes. And considering the automatic $100 cash bonus for all those who make it through the summer, joining the Mivtza is a no-brainer!

Rabbi Rubashkin notes that the inspiration for this idea came in large part from his former Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner A”H. “In Rabbi Wagner’s weekly emails, he always mentioned this nekudah going towards the summer, and encouraged bochurim (and Anash!) to keep up their learning during the summer by creating a practical learning schedule.” Coming from his first yahrtzeit just last month, this initiative will certainly be le’ilui nishmaso.

To learn more, or for sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected].

Are you a bochur going to camp? Register for the Mivtza Torah now @! Registration will close on 21 Sivan.

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