Shluchim Return to Evicted Chabad House With Dancing

After being evicted from their home and Chabad house due to a financial complication, Rabbi Boruch Hecht of Chabad of Brentwood shared the good news that thanks to support from around the world the issue was resolved and the keys to the Chabad House were finally returned to them.

As reported earlier on, Chabad of Brentwood, led by Rabbi Boruch and Chana Hecht, have been dealing with a long legal battle to regain ownership of their Chabad house.

Last week everything came to an all-time low when the Rabbi and his family were evicted from their home, Chabad house, school, and Mikva. With Hashem’s help and intervention from a team of top lawyers, they’ve succeeded in entering a contract to finally buy the building back at a reduced rate.

Today, Rabbi Hecht shared the good news that after matcher stepped forward, the campaign succeeded in raising nearly $300,000 and that the keys to the Chabad House were finally returned to them.

“Baruch Hashem with Hashem’s infinite kindness and the Rebbe’s Brachos Chabad of Brentwood received the Keys back to the Chabad House,” the rabbi said as they returned the Sifrei Torah to the Shul.

Another $46,000 is still needed to complete the closing cost, you can donate at


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