Shluchim Evicted From Their Home, Mikvah and Chabad House

After a prolonged legal battle, Chabad of Brentwood, California, led by shluchim Rabbi Boruch and Chana Hecht were evicted from their home, Chabad house, school and mikva. They have one chance to get it back.

Today on Chof Beis Shevat, a story comes to mind. The story of the Rebbetzin as her car was diverted in traffic to the scene of a family being evicted from their home. An immigrant family the Rebbetzin did not personally know. The Rebbetzin stopped at the scene and did not leave until the family was allowed back into their home. 

Today on this auspicious day we reach out to you the family of Shluchim and Anash for help. To bring a Chabad house, Mikva, school and Shliach back to their home.

Chabad of Brentwood, led by Rabbi Boruch and Chana Hecht, has been dealing with a long legal battle to regain ownership of their Chabad house. Last week everything came to an all-time low when the Rabbi and his family were evicted from their home, Chabad house, school and Mikva.

With tremendous bracha from Hashem and intervention from a team of top lawyers, we’ve entered contract to finally buy the building back. 

After lots of back and forth and ups and downs hopes and dreams, we are miraculously finally in escrow, with a reduced rate BH, to buy back the building for the Rebbe’ss forever home in Brentwood.

Escrow is set to close in 7 days. Every penny counts. You can be a part of enabling the Rebbe’s Shlichus with a successful busy community Mikva, school and shul to continue to thrive. 

May you be blessed many times over, May we be zoche to experience Geula from all limitations with the ultimate Geula sheleima now!

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