Behind the Song: ‘Amongst Majestic Mountains’

Every summer campers worldwide sing the famed song: ‘Amongst Majestic Mountains’. But it’s history is less known.

In the summer of 5751/1991, the Rebbe spoke of Moshe Rabeinu’s request to enter Eretz Yisroel, and explained how in fact, Moshe could have actually entered Eretz Yisroel without the Yidden. However, Moshe being a true Rebbe, choose to stay in the Midbar together with the Yidden.

The Rebbe’s Sicha

You can also see the above video here.

Just days after this Sicha, Color War broke out in CGI Montreal, and this historic song was written.

Original Performance

This Sicha was later edited by the Rebbe and released as Mugeh. This past week, ‘Vaad Honochas Hatmimim’ in partnership with ‘Mafteiach’ released the complete 68 edits of the Sicha.

To download the Hagaos click here.

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  1. Just a note: This song is actually TTTO Abie Rotenberg’s song Acheinu. I think this should be added to the article for others to know. Interestingly other camp songs such as The Little Bird, Standing Side by Side etc are from non-Lubaivtch songs. The Little Bird is actually an Israeli folk song, look it up.
    Shoyach for this website.

  2. Interesting history, I’m not surprised that it’s “less known history” as the writer of this camp song I was not aware of most of the things mentioned in this article, thank you for sharing it.

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