After Cholov Yisroel, Chile Gets Lubavitcher Shechita

Continuing with their work to make top-quality kosher foods available for their community, the shluchim of Chile arranged for a large-scale shechita of cattle, carried out by Eliyahu Ezagui of Crown Heights. 

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After making sure their community would be provided with cholov yisroel milk, the shluchim of Chile continued with their initiatives to make top-quality kosher food available with a large-scale shechita of cattle.

Initiated by Chief Rabbi and Head Shliach Rabbi Menashe Perman, the recent undertakings set out to considerably increase the kosher options in the country, as make it easier for locals to keep kosher.

Over the past weeks, the shluchim have been hard at work making pas yisroel and cholov yisroel products, and organizing a shechita. To assist in the shechita, they flew down Eliyahu Ezagui, a Crown Heights bochur who is a certified shochet and has helped shluchim around the globe with shechita, most recently in Cuba.

“The shluchim told me that it has been 15 years since the last Lubavitcher shechita in the country,” Ezagui told “B’ezras Hashem, this will lead to a revolution in the country’s kosher scene, making the price of kosher meat significantly lower and allowing more Yidden to purchase it.”

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