2,000 Take Moshiach Chidon Test, Winners Announced

After dedicating weeks of learning, reviewing, and preparing, over 2,000 Bochurim from across more than 40 Yeshivos took the second Moshiach Chidon test. List of winners announced.

This Monday, over 2,000 Bochurim from across more than 40 Yeshivos took the second Moshiach Chidon test.

After dedicating weeks of learning, reviewing, and preparing for the test, the Bochurim demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and commitment to learning Inyonei Geulah and Moshiach.

This test covered the second booklet in the new curriculum provided by the Moshiach Chidon.

All the Bochurim who passed the test were entered into an exciting raffle with dozens of sets of Seforim as prizes.

Now, Bochurim are eagerly learning the third booklet. The next test will take place after Shavuos, and those who pass will be eligible to take the final test and ultimately join the Moshiach Chidon banquet in Crown Heights on Gimmel Tammuz.

The Moshiach Chidon organizers are thrilled with the success of the first two tests and hope that the continued learning and Koch in learning about Moshiach will give the Rebbe much Nachas.

As we all know, the more we discuss and understand Moshiach and Geulah, the more we start living it, and the closer we are to bringing the ultimate Geulah. May it be now!

The Winners:
Shmiros set – Y. D. Keivman – Antwerp
Likkutei Dibburim Lehak – Tzemach Altayib – Antwerp
Friediker Rebbe’s Maamarim – Mordechai Gorowitz – Argentina
Letters of the Rebbe in English – Ari Budd – Arizona
Likkutei Diburim English – Levi Goodman – Arizona
Shadar – Dovid Kleinman – Baltimore
Inyano Shel Moshiach – Yisroel Kalmonson – Brunoy
Sefer Hasichos – Menachem Altaby – Brunoy
Rambam with all Mefarshim – Hirshel Shpritzer – Cincinnati
English Likkutei Sichos – Mendel Binyominson – Cincinnati
The Partisan – Avraham Moshe Vernik – Cincinnati
Hinei Yamim Baim – Mendel Hein – Darchei Menachem
The Mashpia  Reb Volf   – Gabi Levitin – Kingston
The Frierdiker Rebbe’s Sichos – Levi Gordon – London
Shadar – Mendy Liberman – London
Gutnick Chumash – Yaakov Cunin – Los Angeles
Rambam Even Yisroel – Shlomo Aharon Pozner – Los Angeles
The Mashpia Reb Volf – Shneur Lipsker – Melbourne
Chayenu Subscription – Cheski Goldberg – Miami
The Partisan – Nissan Karp – Miami
The Practical Tanya – Kasriel Bongart – Monsey
Large Acrylic Rebbe Picture – Avremel Leverton – Monsey
Silver Becher – Sholom Lowenbein – Monsey
Rambam In One Volume – Yaakov Wenger – Montreal
English Likkutei Sichos – Mendel Itkin – Montreal
Rambam Even Yisroel – Yisroel Grusman – Moscow
Dvar Malchus – Zev Cohen – New Haven
Letters of the Rebbe in English – Eli Homnier – New Haven
The Partisan – Chezky Rosenfeld               – New Haven
Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch – Moshe Lain – Oholei Torah
Likkutei Diburim – English – Yossi Bell – Oholei Torah
Borsalino Hat – Avraham Weisner – Oholei Torah
Letters of the Rebbe in English – Tzvi Levelov – Pomona
Likkutei Dibburim Yiddish – Solom Vigler – Pomona
Shadar – Refael Pruss – Pomona
Dvar Malchus – Menachem Goldstein – Postville
Inyano Shel Moshiach – Aharon Mendelson – Queens
Hinei Yamim Baim – Nosson Geisinsky – Queens
Likkutei Dibburim Lehak – Levi Amram – Queens
Chumash Shai Lemora – Chaim Meir Zalmanov – Suffield, CT
Likkutei Dibburim Yiddish – Reuven Yarmush – Suffield, CT
The Mashpia Reb Volf – Mordechai Gopin – Suffield, CT
Lessons in Sefer HaMaamarim – Yehuda Holtzman – TAG
Lessons In Tanya – Zalman Karpalovsky – Toronto
Large Acrylic Rebbe Picture – Daniel Zaltzman – Toronto
Rambam Le’am Pocket Size – Levi Gansburg – Toronto
Inyano Shel Moshiach – Levi Kiyakov – Vienna
Rambam Le’am Pocket Size – Zev Raskin – Vienna
Dvar Malchus – Tzvi Brownstein – Westchester
Likkutei Sichos – Yaakov MM Sperlin – Westchester

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