150 Shluchos Join Moshiach Program Before It Even Launches

Just under two weeks after Shluchim launched a Moshiach initiative, a group of Shluchos launched one of their own, and 150 Shluchos signed up even before the first meeting took place.

Just under two weeks after the launch of the ‘Menatzchim’ group, where Shluchim have begun a weekly Zoom Farbrengen to discuss their implementation of teaching and communicating Moshiach, the Shluchos have launched one of their own – under the umbrella of “Shluchos Farbreng” from the Chazak office at Merkos 302.

According to group organizer Mrs. Rivky Wilansky of Moscow, Russia, over 150 Shluchos signed up even before the first meeting took place this Wednesday, and she’s hoping the word will keep spreading, so that many more Shluchos will join in.

The Hachlata was taken in the last minutes of the International Kinus Hashluchos farbrengen which ended this past Monday. 

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and Chairman of the Kinus, commented on this newest initiative, “‘Bizchus Nashim Tzikonius Nigalu Avoseinu.’ Just as it was by Yetzias Mitzrayim, so will be with the coming of Moshiach. We are the generation to effect the Geulah, and the Shluchos, who are the righteous women of today, are at the core of this effort.”

The feedback and enthusiasm is tremendous! Shluchos are really happy to have this opportunity to hold onto the amazing energy of the Kinus, and to translate the inspiration into action. 

After Wednesday’s farbrengen, a Shlucha shared, “I used to be so scared of the concept of talking to people about Mikvah, and so for the first few years of my Shlichus I went to every Kinus workshop on Taharas Hamishpacha. Now I love doing it; I feel so comfortable; I have no hesitations in myself. And now, clearly, that’s what I need to do with Moshiach!”

“This is an incredible opportunity,” said Bracha Leeds of Berkeley, California, moderator of the Farbrengen. 

If you are a Shlucha looking for support and inspiration in this area, the right platform is now available. All Shluchos are encouraged to join the weekly 30 minute Zoom Farbrengens which will continue until Yud Aleph Nissan.

“There’s no greater gift that we can give to our Rebbe,” says Wilansky.

“We are the Shluchos of the Rebbe, so we must actually believe in the mission,” said Mrs. Fruma Schapiro, Shlucha in Sydney, Australia, and presenter on Wednesday’s zoom. “It is imperative that every Shlucha dedicates some time to learning about this and making it real for themselves.”

She further added, ”You know what they announce on the plane ‘please secure your own mask before assisting others’? Well this can apply to us. Moshiach awareness is our oxygen and we must have that ourselves before we can give it to others!”

The main presenter for next week will be a Shlucha from Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Sara Rosenfeld

To join the Shluchos WhatsApp or broadcast where you can receive the private zoom links and recordings, please fill this form:


To access Moshiach and Geula resources for Shluchos, or to contact us, visit the brand new site created after this year’s kinus: https://shluchosbringmoshiach.org/

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