Yudkin Family Furious That They Can’t Inscribe HYD

The family of Yisrael Yudkin HYD, a Lubavitcher soldier killed in Gaza, is furious that the government refuses to allow the words “Hashem Yikom Damo” to be placed on his tombstone. They have so far left it blank and threaten to rebury him elsewhere.

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The family of Yisrael Yudkin HYD, a soldier from Kfar Chabad who was killed in Gaza, is furious that the government is refusing to allow the words “Hashem Yikom Damo” (‘Hashem shall avenge his blood’) to be placed on his tombstone.

The family appealed to the Defense Ministry to allow the all-important religious phrase to be engraved, and they vowed to take it to the Supreme Court if need be. They even threatened to exhume him and bury him in a civilian cemetery. They have so far left the tombstone blank.

In an emotional Channel 14 television interview, Yisrael’s brother Dubi said, “It’s greatly disturbing us as a family that on Thursday, we must submit the wording of the headstone to the Ministry of Defense and my mother has asked that the words ‘Hashem shall revenge his blood’ be written on his tombstone.”

“This is the wording that frum people write on their gravestones. The Ministry of Defense does not approve the word “Hashem”, nor the root of the word “Yikom,” because revenge is forbidden, so the Ministry of Defense has not approved this.”

He added: “If you don’t respect the fallen Charedi soldiers, then how do you want me to stay in the army? If you don’t respect my brother who fell during his service, why should I respect you at all?

“I’m talking about a Charedi soldier who is killed, the family wants it to be written, ‘Hashem will avenge his blood,’ on the tombstone. It’s quite simple, it’s a simple request from my parents, and that’s what will show him respect. He grew up as a Charedi, he was killed in the Charedi regiment. They want these words to be written on the tombstone, so they come to the Ministry of Defense but they say, ‘No we are not approving these words,” he said.

Tens of Knesset Members have come out in support of the Yudkin family and the allowance of writing HYD on the tombstone. The issue is scheduled to be brought up in a Knesset hearing on Wednesday.

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  1. This travesty itself shows why the war happened—-

    Yisrael Yudkin HYD is a Torah hero of Yisroel!

    Hashem Yeracheim.

    Moshiach Now!


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