“Yudi’s Legacy” to Complete Rabbi Dukes’ Three Dream Projects

In honor of Rabbi Yudi Dukes’ first yahrzeit, JNet is expanding with three new projects that will advance the quality and scope of the organization’s reach, fulfilling Yudi’s lifelong dream. 

Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Yehudah “Yudi” Dukes set out to bring one of the Rebbe’s visions to life: two people studying Torah together every week. With this direction, JNet grew into the impressive organization it is today, with thousands of study pairs from all over the world learning Torah on a weekly basis.

One year ago, the Jewish Learning Network and the entire Jewish world mourned the loss of a true light, with Yudi’s untimely passing on Ches Shevat 5781. Yudi’s Yahrzeit is days away and to mark the occasion, JNet is launching Yudi’s Legacy as a gift to his family and to perpetuate his lifelong mission.

“What Yudi wanted more than anything else was to connect people to Torah,” says Sarah Dukes, Yudi’s wife. “Any time he met someone, the first thing he wanted to know was how often they learn.”

Yudi laid the groundwork for JNet to grow into a worldwide organization. “We must carry his charge forward,” says Rabbi Mendel Groner, JNet’s new director.  

The Jewish Learning Network is expanding with three new projects that will advance the quality and scope of JNet’s reach. 

Yudi’s Legacy Platform. 
Yudi’s Legacy Study Booklets. 
Yudi’s Legacy Language and Location Expansion

Yudi’s Legacy Platform will provide an easy-access online portal for JNet. Students will be able to schedule learning sessions, connect with their partners for online study, track the material studied, and gain helpful feedback from their partners. The user-friendly platform will harness cutting-edge technology that increases engagement with the Jewish Learning Network experience.

Study partners are always looking for learning material that is engaging, well-designed, and accessible. Yudi’s Legacy Study Booklets will model the highly successful JLI curriculums, giving students and volunteers access to a wide variety of different topics, including halacha, hashkafa, and principles of Jewish faith. The project is already underway, with 40 booklets ready for print and an additional 80 in the works.

The Jewish Learning Network is currently offered to English and Spanish-speaking students. Yudi’s Legacy Language and Location Expansion expand the JNet infrastructure to include the Hebrew, French, and Russian communities. “Our goal is to continue spreading the concept of weekly Torah study partnerships throughout the globe,” says Mendel Groner, JNet director. “And we’re doing it one country at a time.”

An upcoming fundraising campaign will raise the funds needed to see these projects through. Your financial support will translate into the growth of JNet, bring comfort and pride to Sarah and their children and in your merit, Torah study will grow to new heights. Visit yudislegacy.com to make a gift in advance of the campaign.

Join the live memorial event featuring Rabbi Shais Taub, Benny Friedman & Eli Marcus.

Monday 8 Shvat – Jan 10 at 7 PM 

Watch the live stream and learn more at yudislegacy.com

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