Yud Alef Nissan Preparation Launched at Kinus Hatmimim

At the 18th international Kinus Hatmimim on Wednesday night, Vaad Hatmimim announced a new global initiative in all Yeshivos in preparation for Yud Alef Nissan – 120 Years.

As we all know, this year we are marking a special milestone for Yud Aleph Nissan — 120 years.

Chassidim throughout the years, and especially on a milestone like this year, would prepare for months to give a present to the Rebbe. The Rebbe asked that these gifts should be focused on the increase of learning Torah, and the Bochurim would add learning in quantity and quality, in anticipation of the day of 11 Nissan.

In addition to the personal gifts that each Bochur will be preparing, Yeshivos throughout the globe will learn a grand total of 120 letters of the Rebbe — one or two a day — throughout the next three months, from Yud Shevat until Yud Aleph Nissan.

The letters will cover many different topics, from Emunah and Bitachon to Keeping Sedarim. From how to treat your fellow to writing to the Rebbe.

The Bochurim saw a special video presentation, including Rabbi Sholom Ber Levin speaking about the history and purpose of the Igros Kodesh; a glimpse into the many topics the Rebbe addresses in Igros Kodesh; and Rabbis Yossi Gourarie (Oak Park, Michigan) & Mendel Gluckowsky explaining how important this initiative is for every Bochur to join.


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Video edited by Berel Meyers

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