YSP Morristown Visits the Ohel and 770

Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum

The staff and talmidim of YSP Morristown paid a visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel and to 770 on Thursday, where they davened for themselves and for a successful summer.

YSP Morristown paid a visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel and 770 Eastern Parkway on Thursday, on a day that was fully dedicated to kedusha.

The day began with shacharis, followed by the daily awards for the best daveners. The bochurim then wrote their panim, which they would later read at the Ohel. Afterward, each bochur was treated to a smoothie, as it is customary not to eat before visiting the Ohel.

The camp then traveled to the Ohel together, and after a short talk in the nearby tents, each bochur had a few minutes inside the Ohel to read his pan and daven.

The camp then sat down for a delicious breakfast, before heading to Crown Heights. There, they arrived at 770 where they davened mincha before being treated to a roll of sushi for each bochur, and heading back to campgrounds in Morristown.

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