YSP Gets Record Tefillin at Six Flags Great Adventure

Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum

While on a trip to Six Flags amusement park on Wednesday, Talmidim from YSP Morristown utilized their time to find Yidden and put tefillin on with them, ending the day with tens of tefillins and many smiles.

By Anash.org reporter
Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum

Talmidim and staff of YSP Morristown headed to Jackson Township, New Jersey, on Wednesday, to enjoy a grand trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Talmidim had a grand time enjoying the rides, while making sure to stay hydrated in the heat.

After the first few hours, Talmidim enjoyed a pizza lunch break, and then re-entered the park for some more thrilling fun.

Throughout the course of the day, many Talmidim took advantage of the over 10,000 in attendance in the park to go on Mivtzoyim, and put on Tefillin with many people, some for the first time!

Every Talmid who got a Tefillin received an automatic prize.

Mincha was davened, followed by a deli-sandwich supper, and then the ride back to Morristown.

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