Let’s Help Yudi Take the Next Steps

Join the over 2000 people who have already contributed to the Bring Yudi Home campaign. Your support will help pay for extensive medical bills, therapy costs for the emotional toll, and ongoing home care expenses.

During the first 24 hours of the BringYudiHome campaign, more than 2100 people donated just over $175,000, which is simply incredible. However, this is only 35% of the $500,000 goal. 

So, why is so much money needed and why is Yudi so different than the many other COVID-19 survivors out there? After all, B”H, Yudi is coming home and will be there for his family for many healthy years to come. Why is money needed for therapy and why isn’t it covered by insurance?

These are fair questions. The most important thing to remember is the amount of time Yudi spent in the ICU, the amount of time on a ventilator, the amount of time on an ECMO, and the sheer amount of incredibly powerful drugs used to stave off infection after infection.

The inescapable truth is that the consequences of such a prolonged illness are devastating and, frankly, still unknown. Yudi has had an experience unique to any other COVID-19 survivor.

True, his recovery to date has been nothing short of miraculous. However, the video of Yudi taking his first steps and doesn’t show the damage to his liver and internal organs. It doesn’t show the infections that keep popping up. It doesn’t show the mental anguish and emotional distress Yudi deals with on an hourly basis. It doesn’t show the fights with the insurance company to cover even basic therapy.

The pictures of Sarah smiling don’t show the incredible strain the past few months have put on her or the massive burden placed on her shoulders, looking after her husband and 6 children.

The pictures of their beautiful, smiling children don’t show the unimaginable emotional distress they have and are continuing to experience, not having their father home for 5 months and not knowing if he was going to live.

The bottom line is that insurance will only cover a portion of the therapy and only basic therapy at that. Yudi will need aggressive therapy, physical and emotional, especially in light of all of the other issues he will face.

The entire family will need therapy to help heal the bitter wounds they have suffered over these past few months.

Yudi was the breadwinner in the house. Aside from his main job as director of JNet, Yudi would tutor and read the Torah on shabbos to help make ends meet.

Without these funds, Yudi simply will not be able to get the therapy he needs to get back to work so he can continue supporting his family.

Yudi dedicated his life to helping others. Now, we have an opportunity to make a huge difference for him. With the incredible physical and emotional toll the next stage will bring, let’s at least take the financial burden off of his shoulders so he can focus on getting back to being the husband, father, friend, and leader he is.

Please, take a minute and be a part of this massive mitzvah and help bring Yudi Home.



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