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Watch: When the Rebbe Maharash would return from his trips, Rebbetzin Rivkah’s jewelry was missing. What did the Rebbe Maharash do about it? A story of generosity with a pertinent message of where to invest our assets.

How often do you receive an email, phone call, or automated text about one fundraising campaign or another? Each vies for your attention and your contribution. You likely donate to the causes that are close to your heart, and ignore the rest. Although the slew of other organizations seem worthy, your funds aren’t unlimited. Or are they?

The 2nd of Iyar marks the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash, Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch. His philosophy in life was to not be fazed by any obstacles. In his words: “The world says that if you cannot crawl under an obstacle, try to leap over it. But I say, leap over it in the first place! — Lechatchila Ariber!

His wife, the righteous Rebbetzin Rivka, would give tzedakah in generous amounts from her own finances for worthy causes. When her husband was abroad fighting to protect the Jewish people, that money often ran out. That obstacle did not get in the way of the Rebbetzin’s giving. She would not hesitate to pawn items from her large jewelry collection in order to have more funds to provide for the needy.

The Rebbe Maharash knew his wife’s charitable habits. Each time he returned home from his travels abroad, he would make a stop at the pawn shops to redeem her jewelry, which stayed with her only until the next trip.

Just as the Rebbe Maharash returned his wife’s jewelry, pawned for worthy causes, Hashem, the “husband” of the Jewish people guarantees that He will repay the money that we contribute to tzedakah.

Just do it, without second thoughts or calculations. The next time you are solicited to donate to a worthy cause, consider the approach of the Rebbe Maharash. Give generously. You will get your money back, guaranteed.

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