Young Shluchos Gather at Rally, Finale Event

Young Shluchos joining the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos of the Shluchim Office joined together for a stunning 770 rally and grand finale event, celebrating three amazing days of Chassidishkiet, fun and connection.

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Young Shluchos joining the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos of the Shluchim Office joined together for a stunning 770 rally and grand finale event, celebrating three amazing days of Chassidishkiet, fun and connection.

On Motzai Shabbos, Young Shluchos in all divisions of the Kinus gathered together in 770 for a beautiful and inspiring Achdus rally. The excitement and enthusiasm for the unique opportunity to gather together was felt throughout the program. 

The rally kicked off with Pessukim, an exciting and interactive game, and an exclusive presentation prepared for the Young Shluchos of a tour of 770. In honor of Shabbos Mevarchim, a special raffle was announced generously sponsored by Rabbi Moshe Pinson

This finale event held on Sunday was the much anticipated culmination of an unbelievable Kinus experience and a one last opportunity for the campers, counselors and staff in both tracks to come together. 

The program was MC’d by Mushkie Hecht and began with a beautiful video of the Rebbe. After reciting the Rebbe’s and Rebbetzin’s Kapital, the girls were treated to a special performance by guest singer Chanie Cohen. The girls had a blast singing along to their favorite Kinus hits and Niggunim all together. 

The girls watched a special presentation addressing the theme of being handpicked by the Rebbe to go on Shlichus. After reciting the 12 Pesukim, an exciting roll call was done by Leah Lipskier before an interactive game show and spin the wheel drawing for awesome prizes. 

“It was so special to have both opportunities at 770 and the Finale for thousands of Shluchos to be all together in one room,” shared director Mrs. Shira Sabol. “The Chayus, energy and inspiration felt from the entire Kinus program is sure to be carried by the girls back to their Shlichus!”

Special thanks to the head staff of the Kinus who worked tirelessly to coordinate every aspect of the program.

Younger Division

Director on Site: Risha Paltiel (Port Washington, New York)

Head Kloli: Toby Marlow (Miami, Florida)

Head Counselors: 

Shaina Piekarski (Bogota, Colombia)

Tzivie Pink (Leicester, England)

Raizel Wilhelm (Portland, Oregon)

Middle Division

Director on Site: Mussi Azimov (North Brunswick, New Jersey)

Head Kloli: Mussi Shemtov (Stamford, Connecticut) 

Head Counselors: 

Shternie Shemtov (Stamford, Connecticut) 

Musya Deren (Cape Town, South Africa)

Chanale Goldberg (Monsey, New York)

Older Division 

Director on Site: Chana Butman (Airmont, New York)
Head Kloli: Esty Friedman (Birmingham, Alabama)

Head Counselors:

Schejna Wilhelm (Oslo, Norway)

Chanchie Lipskier (Los Angeles, California)

Shternie Levin (Crown Heights, New York) 

Pioneer Division 

Director on Site: Itta Gopin (Baltimore, Maryland)

Head Kloli: Perel Gordon (Los Angeles, California) 

Head Counselor 

Liba Wolowik (Baltimore, Maryland) 

Mushka Bluming (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) 

Leah Avtzon (Crown Heights, New York)

Hebrew Division: 

Director on Site: Chana Goldberg 

French Division:

Director on Site: Chanie Kalmenson (France)

Virtual Kinus:
Chaya Greenberg (Vancouver, Washington)

Banquet Team:

Mushkie Hecht (Richmond Hill, Ontario) 

Chana Eisenbach (Litchfield, Connecticut)

Itta Pinson (Lomita, California)

770 Rally Team:

Chava Freundlich (Beijing, China) 

Manya Gurewitz (Offenbach, Germany) 

Aliza Feiglin (Crown Heights)

Logistics and Coordination:
Sara Silverman (Marietta, Georgia)

The incredible group of staff was led by director Mrs. Shira Sabol with assistant director Rochel Goldman.

A replay of the Finale is available for women and girls only at

Theme Video: A Shlucha Handpicked 


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