Young Shluchos Enjoy Ten Days of Bliss

Machane Rivka, the Tzeirei Hashluchos winter camp dedicated to Rivka Levy OB”M, gave young shluchos the ‘time of their lives.’

Coming from Milwaukee, Mexico, Morocco and more, young Shluchos enjoyed a packed ten days full of fun and hiskashrus together with friends who usually live hundreds of miles away apart.

“My daughter came back extremely happy and on an absolute high,” said Mrs. Chavi Steiner from Minneapolis, MN. “She didn’t stop talking for the first five hours. She has been singing the songs aloud and under her breath, and only has good things to share. Today she said to me ‘Mummy, camp inspired me so so much!’ Thank you again for giving my daughter this experience.”

The Shluchim Office extends heartfelt thanks to Rabbi Don Yoel and Malka Levy of OK Kosher Certification for their ongoing and tremendous support of this uplifting and inspiring winter experience for young shluchim all over the world, and dedicating Machane Rivka Gan Yisroel Tzeirei Hashluchos to their daughter Rivka Levy OB”M.

The camp filled each child with a year’s worth of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm, and this year there were three new opportunities for the young shluchos to connect and recharge their spiritual batteries.

A learning project covering the Rebbe’s ten mivtzoim was organized l’ilui nishmas Rivka, with a learning booklet provided by Tzivos Hashem. In addition, ‘Rebbe Time’ introduced stories of real-life shlichus and discussions on how to apply the lessons. Finally, a showcase of video clips, submitted by parents of campers, showed their girls helping out on shlichus and in their communities, and served to emphasize how much young Shluchos can influence their fellow Jews simply by serving as living examples.

The beautiful campsite is set on 20 acres in the heart of South Florida, a shared property with Rabbi Yossie Biston and Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar, and includes modern bunkhouses, a huge heated swimming pool, paintball and sport fields, boardwalk and nature trails, and its very own climbing and zipline courses. 

It’s also close to many of Florida’s Chabad Houses, ensuring that any trip off-campus can lead to a visit with a nearby Shliach.  A few bunks visited Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok & Shaina Raichik in Boynton Beach, and Rabbi Naftaly & Henya Hertzel in Boca Raton to help out with their Grand Menorah Lightings. “For girls who are always on shlichus, this came naturally,” said head counselor Chana Levertov.

The special time with friends, farbrengens, and trips combined to give the children who attended an amazing and motivating boost. The experience ended with a grand trip that included alligator boating, arcade games, and a trampoline park, with dinner hosted by Chabad of Weston and Rabbi Yisroel & Leah Spalter and a Grand Banquet when they returned to camp.

“The winter camp for young shluchos is a truly magical experience,” remarked Mrs. Malky Itkin, the camp’s director. “Though the banquet marks the official end of camp, the lessons, camaraderie and chayus are a power surge of inspiration that will certainly remain with the kids throughout the year and well beyond.”

Special thanks go to camp director Mrs. Malky Itkin and head counselors Sheina Azimov and Chana Levertov for a stunning program; activity director Bryna Kosofsky and trip coordinator Shterna Gurary for so much fun, and kitchen manager Chava Lowenthal for keeping the girls healthy and well-fed!

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