Young Shluchim Shabbatons Return Just in Time

To the excitement of many young Shluchim, MyShliach’s regional Shabbatons finally returned in time for Shabbos Yud Shevat. The excitement to spend time with fellow shluchim was felt throughout the farbrengens, learning and trips.

An exciting shabbaton in Jacksonville, Florida full of fun activities, chayus, and inspiration for young shluchim was a breath of fresh air for those who attended. MyShliach’s shabbatons bring together young shluchim and young shluchos from various regions around the world for three days of rejuvenation and companionship with like-minded peers living within a given radius.  

Due to Covid, Shabbatons were put on hold. After many requests from parents and children alike, MyShliach decided there is no better time to restart the regional shabbatons than Shabbos Yud Shevat. The atmosphere of this shabbaton was like no other; the excitement and longing to spend time with fellow shluchim was felt throughout the fabrengens, learning and trips.

The shabbaton was hosted by Rabbi Shmuli and Chana Novack, shluchim to the south side region in Jacksonville, Florida, and the program included Friday mivtzoim, inspiring seder nigunim and Shabbos seudos, motzei shabbos swimming, and a trip on Sunday to Bravos family fun park. The packed three days culminated in a BBQ and rally, where  very exciting prizes were distributed.

These shabbatons mean so much to the boys, some of whom live hours away from the closest frum family. In the words of Mrs. Shaina Feldman, shlucha in Clay County, Florida, “I am so grateful to MyShliach and the very devoted staff for the incredible and invigorating experience you gave our boys on the Shabbaton! So much effort and energy was put into every moment! Thank you so much for making this Shabbaton a reality, especially in times like these!” 

Rabbi Shaya Itkin, who directed the shabbaton, confirmed this, “In these days, it is truly special to bring together young shluchim from so far for a shabbos of achdus, fun  and chassidishe inspiration.” 

Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, director of MyShliach, gave a big yasher koach to the dedicated staff members, Levi Mishulovin, Mendel Gourarie, Mendy Teitelbaum, and Mendy Leibovitch, who took of their time to give these yaldei hashluchim a shabbaton to remember.

MyShliach thanks the Novacks for graciously opening their home and Chabad House and for all of the time and energy they gave to host the shabbaton. Many thanks to the Shmuel and Yiska Eisenberg Foundation for sponsoring the Shabbaton Initiative.

MyShliach is a project of Merkos Suite 302.

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