Young Shluchim Hold Their Own Kinus Torah

Young shluchim from across Europe delivered pilpulim in nigleh and chassidus at a special Kinus Torah. A siyum masechta was held as well.

Young shluchim from across Eretz Yisrael and Europe gathered online for their very own Kinus Torah on Wednesday, the 8th of Sivan, Isru Chag.

The program was hosted by the MyShliach “Online Yeshivas Erev”, a daily program where tzeirei hashluchim learn with bochurim from the central Yeshiva in 770 on a special online platform.

The highlight of the Kinus Torah were the pilpulim given by the young shluchim from around the globe: from Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

The event began with the recitation of a chapter of Tehillim in the merit of our fellow yidden in Eretz Yisroel, followed by the 12 pesukim. Then, the young shluchim delivered their pilpulim in nigleh and chassidus. A special siyum masechta was held by a young shliach, ​Levi Yitzchak Libersohn, from Barcelona.

The Kinus Torah then concluded with a farbrengen led by shliach Rabbi Mendy Alperowitz.

The Kinus Torah, the online Yeshivas Erev and many special programs for the yaldei hashluchim around the world are arranged by MyShliach, headed by Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz; the Hebrew-speaking division led by Rabbi Dov Halperin, under the auspices of Merkos 302 and Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky. The Yeshivas Erev program is directed by Rabbi Mendy Schiff.

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