Young Shluchim Enjoy 2-Day Chidon Retreat in New York

The MyShliach Chidon Retreat brought over 300 young Shluchim to New York for an exciting two days of trips and friendship, celebrating months of commitment and hard work in learning Sefer Hamitzvos.

The MyShliach Chidon Retreat brought young Shluchim to New York for an extensive two-day adventure. The 48-hour extravaganza saw over 300 children flying into Crown Heights from around the world to be rewarded for their commitment to learning Sefer Hamitzvos. Parallel programs for boys and girls consisted of top-of-the-line fun and a meaningful experience.

The children had a blast on a host of exhilarating trips. Destinations included arcades, trampoline jumping, bowling, go-karting, and a waterpark. A kosher ice cream truck surprised everyone with a refreshing and delicious cone. The children also enjoyed spirited davenings and an inspiring visit to the Ohel and 770.

The retreat had even more meaning for children like Menachem Lazarus, a young shliach in Lakeland, Florida. “There is no Jewish school where I live, so my parents homeschool me,” Menachem told his counselor on a bus ride. “The past two days have been incredible with so many fun trips and games. But the best part for me is just being able to spend time with my friends in person! I can’t wait to be back here next year!”

The retreat came to a close with a grand banquet saluting the achievements of the young shluchim and encouraging them in their Shlichus back at home. Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Director of Merkos 302, addressed the crowd. “These two days of incredible fun are in recognition of your Torah achievements. I am sure the Rebbe has tremendous nachas from each of you.” Rabbi Kotlarksy told the children. “Torah learning is so precious to the Rebbe. Here we have a room full of his young shluchim celebrating a year of Torah learning.” He then encouraged the children to make Hachlatos to continue learning more and more in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, 120 years. 

Throughout the year, over 550 young shluchim participated in the Chidon through MyShliach. Virtual classes, study sessions, and constant motivation provide the atmosphere that a school would bring to a regular Lubavitcher community. Despite the obstacles facing these young Shluchim, their success has been tremendous. Many MyShliach participants have gone on to win various medals and awards in the final competitions.  

MyShliach is led by Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, Director and Rabbi Shaya Itkin, Program Director. Rabbi Moshe Schapiro serves as MyShliach’s Chidon Director and Rabbi Berl Dick directed the boys division of the Chidon retreat. Risa Brikman was the director of the Girls division of the retreat.

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