Young Shluchim Create Animated Videos to Aid Chidon Study

Young shluchim Mendel and Dovber Goldwasser have spent the past few months script writing, animating and narrating the first few units of the Yahadus book, creating videos that are entertaining but packed with information.

The yomim tovim are over and it’s time to get serious… About the Chidon Hamitzvos!

But serious doesn’t have to mean hard or boring! At least the young shluchim brothers, Mendel (10) and Dovber (6) Goldwasser, don’t think so.

The two brothers spent the past few months script writing, animating and narrating the first few units of the Yahadus book with all of the information you need to know presented in a clear and entertaining fashion.

Follow their main character, “Menachem Dov Ber”, and his family and friends all around town as they learn the practical application of each mitzvah. New halachic terms are explained as they come up, always with a illustrative example. Each of the videos ends with a summary of who, when and where the mitzvos in the unit apply.

If you have a child learning for chidon or are just looking for educational and entertaining Jewish content for your kids (or yourself!), the Goldwasser brothers created to share their videos with you. They hope to continue producing videos for as long as they can, so check back often for updates!

What better way to channel Tishrei’s inspiration to add in our Torah learning and Mitzvah observance then to encourage our children (and ourselves) to learn Sefer Hamitzvos? The beautiful Yahadus curriculum has made it so easy to learn, now Torah Vid makes it even easier! May our Torah and Mitzvos finally bring Moshiach now!

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