Young Shlucha Passes Away, Leaving Four Young Orphans 

The tragic passing of Dnipro shlucha Mrs. Leah Althaus shook her family, community, and Lubavitchers worldwide, to their core. A fund has been launched to support her bereaved husband and their four children.

The passing of Dnipro shlucha Mrs. Leah Althaus was a shock to the worldwide Chabad community. A young mother, a dedicated shlucha, an active leader in her community, was suddenly taken from her family, friends and community.

Rebbetzin Althaus is the daughter of Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi, who has served as Rov of Kfar Chabad since the 2015 passing of his father Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi.

Following her marriage to Rabbi Zelig Althaus, the couple moved on shlichus to Dnipro, Ukraine, where her husband served as a mashpia in the Dnipro Yeshiva. The couple, and especially Leah, were a shlichus powerhouse, and left a strong effect on the entire Dnipro community.

The mother of four young children, Mrs. Althaus was pregnant with her fifth when she experienced a rare pregnancy complication. She was flown to Israel in a complex operation that involved the assistance of the Ukrainian army, and many around the world prayed for her, but tragically, she passed away at the young age of 28.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, Chief Rabbi and Head Shliach to Dnipro said “Everyone here is in shock. She was a dominant figure and had an important role in running the Jewish studies programs, festivals, informal education, adult education and other school activities.”

Her passing leaves her bereaved husband and four young children, who will never again be able to hug their mother, tell her about their day at school, or share a supper with her. While we can never fill that gap, we can help ease the burden, somewhat.

A campaign has been launched to support the grieving family, and ensure the children have what they need for their future. It is our right and duty to unite and stand together with her family at this most challenging time, and ensure her children will not be lacking what they need.

Together, let’s provide them with the strength they so desperately need.

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