Young Shliach Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Yehuda Hertzel, the 10-year-old son of the shluchim to Ramat Hagolan, has been diagnosed with a large brain tumor that requires emergency surgery. His family needs to immediately raise funds to cover the cost of surgery.

Ten-year-old Yehuda Hertzel, son of shliach Rabbi Sholom Ber Hertzel of Ramat Hagolan, has been diagnosed with a large brain tumor, sitting right near the brain stem, and on the gland responsible for hormone production. The tumor is life-threatening as it continues to grow every day and must be removed immediately.

According to the recommendations of top experts, Yehuda will undergo an emergency, ten hour surgery in Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. The surgery will be followed by proton radiotherapy to irradiate the diseased tissue. The surgery and therapy that follows will take months or longer.

The family needs to immediately raise $280,000 to cover the cost of the expensive treatments, this figure does not include the cost of room and board over the long months of treatment.

“The situation is critical and urgent, please lend us your generous support so that we can raise the funds to save our precious son, who continues to inspire all those around him with faith and trust in Hashem throughout these difficult moments,” the family says.

Your generous support is immensely appreciated. May Hashem repay you for your kindness.
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Please continue to say Tehillim, Kapitel 20 and 11, and do mitzvos for Yisroel Yehuda Binyomin ben Devorah Dabrah.


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