Young Shliach Presents ‘Sicha In Secondz’

Watch: “Sicha In Secondz” by young Shliach Aizik Gurevitz, of West Virginia, presents a special Chazak episode of his weekly amusing Parsha video explaining a Sicha for kids.

Why do we end Chumash Berashes with Yosef’s passing and then say Chazak? Aizik asks. Why do we then say something as joyus as Chazak?

Sicha In Secondz is a weekly video that explains a Sicha connected to the Parsha of the week or upcoming Yom Tov. Sicha In Secondz is geared for kids and adults.

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  1. BH: How wonderful that this was featured for anash and that the Shaliach Aizik and did family produced this for people. Really mchazek.

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