Young Poconos Yeshiva Boasts Impressive Learning Achievements

Students of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch Poconos take an active part in the yeshiva’s study regimen, delivering pilpulim and publishing high caliber kovtzei ha’oros.

It is Thursday afternoon in quiet Canadensis, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the woods of the Pocono mountains, in what was once the Daniel’s-Top-O-Poconos Resort, stands a 19-year-old yeshiva bochur and confidently delivers a pilpul, as his friends, upwards of fifty boys ages 17-20, listen attentively. He finishes; some boys clap in applause; some leave the study hall for lunch; stay behind for a lively “chaburas Rambam”, a small group study of the three daily chapters of Rambam.

This is what you will probably see if you were to visit 180 Glenmere Road on a typical Thursday afternoon at 1:55. Other parts of the day are no less impressive.

The Thursday pilpul has been a tradition for several years now, and some pilpulim are transcribed and edited for the Yeshiva’s “Kamayim Layom Mechasim” periodical.

Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch Poconos is in the midst of its ninth year. The students recently published yet another high-caliber “kovetz”, of close to 500 pages, which is the Yeshiva’s thirteenth journal of chidushei Torah.

It is the second kovetz being published this year. The first was published in honor of Yud Shevat. The second was published for Yud-Aleph Nissan, marking the 120 years since the Rebbe’s birth by 120 Torah essays, all on Maseches Shabbos, Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch Hilchos Shabbos, Maamorim studied in Seder Chassidus, and Inyonei Geula Umoshiach. The Yud Aleph Nissan Kovetz has been published again this week with corrections and improvements.

Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva around the world have given high praise for the unique Kovtzim, and specifically the most recent volume.

Link for Yud Aleph Nissan 5782 Poconos Kovetz
Link for Yud Shevat 5782 Poconos Kovetz

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