Young Father Needs Urgent Tehillim

Please say urgent Tehillim, kapital 20 and 29, for Kalman Michoel ben Rochel Yetta Rivka, a young husband and father who was recently injured in a horrific accident and is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

Michoel Benjamin, a young husband, and father of twins, was injured in a horrific accident leaving him burned on 55 percent of his body.Michoel was so caring, loving, warm and friendly, who lights up the room and is the first to lend a hand.

On this Rosh Hashanah, he served as Chazzan and was among millions of Jews trembling at the words “Who by fire and who by water”. Then, that very night, his wife, Rivka, after putting the twins to sleep, awoke to a terrible accident, in which her husband’s body was engulfed in flames, and within minutes he had burns on 55 percent of his body.

Thank G-d, Michoel is receiving excellent care at Loyola’s burn intensive care unit. While we hope and pray for an immediate recovery, the road is likely to be painful and difficult — and not short. 

Now Michoel urgently needs our help.

The needs are many and will continue long after the extended hospital stay comes to an end. Services such as home nursing, physical therapy, lost income, childcare, food, and rent are chief among them.

Please Pray and do an additional mitzvah for Kalman Michoel ben Rochel Yeta Rivka.

Let’s be there for Michoel, Rivka, and their twins. Together, we will help a Jewish family in crisis.

Michoel is a giver. Give like Michoel.

Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Leib Benjamin, together with the Rabbonim, will ensure these funds are used for the intended purpose.

This campaign has been endorsed by Rabbi Boruch Hertz, Rabbi Aron Wolf, and Rabbi Moshe Markowitz.

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