Young Daughter of Shluchim is in ICU

The 2-year-old daughter of Shluchim on campus in Upstate, NY is currently in the ICU facing a major medical challenge. Please help them continue their Shlichus.

On a campus in upstate New York, college students from around the country are gearing up for the new semester. Normally, the Shluchim serving the Jewish students there would be preparing a plethora of programs to welcome them, as well as ensuring as many Jewish students as possible can join High Holiday services and meals.

Unfortunately, the Shluchim’s plans abruptly came to a halt as their 2-year-old daughter suddenly faced a major medical challenge. While recovering from open-heart surgery, she suffered a serious stroke, was taken for immediate brain surgery, and is currently in need of a yeshuah. As her parents currently sit with her in the ICU, family members are taking care of their other children, and relatives and friends around the world are praying for her speedy and complete recovery.

Despite their current crisis, they are very worried about their Shlichus. Who will provide the home away from home for their students? Who will help students celebrate the holidays? Who will be there to welcome the new freshmen, away from home for the first time? Who will give them the joys of Yiddishkeit?

We, their friends and colleagues, want to make sure that they can direct every ounce of their energy and resources to help their daughter heal. We want to make sure that their Shlichus continues just as it was before, without them having to worry at all.

Please join us in supporting this family of Shluchim at this very difficult time.

Please open your hearts and help us ensure that the students on their campus are taken care of in their signature style of warmth, love, and good food.

Please continue your tefillos for Sheina Henya Tziporah bas Chaya Yocheved and in the merit of your generosity and the achdus of klal yisroel, may she have a complete and speedy recovery, and may we merit the ultimate simcha of the coming of Moshiach now.

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This campaign is endorsed and being overseen by:
Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky, Chabad at University of Ottawa
Rabbi Hirshel Gourarie, Chabad at Penn State Undergrads
Rabbi Levi Haskelevich, Chabad at University of Pennsylvania
Rabbi Mordechai Silberberg, Chabad at Western University
Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel, Chabad at Arizona State University
Rabbi Didy Waks, Chabad at Hamilton College
Rabbi Avi Weinstein, Chabad on Campus International

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