Young Crown Heights Unites for Memorable Siyum

Photos: Shalom Ross

Dozens of young Crown Heights residents celebrated another year of Torah learning and its life-changing impact at a joint Siyum Harambam organized by five local class shuls.

Dozens of young Crown Heights married men joined together to celebrate a year of learning Torah and to hear from their friends how the learning had changed their entire routines.

The event, marking the siyum on all the cycles of Rambam study, was organized by Tzeirei Anash, 94 Shul, 96 Shul, Mitzvah Center, and Beis Moshe of Crown Heights, each a ‘class shul’ for another grade.

A fully catered meal was served to honor the Siyum, held in the basement shul at the Jewish Children’s Museum. Over 120 young men from the five grades filled the room to celebrate, share, and be inspired.

Opening the event was Rabbi Achiezer Langsam, who emceed the evening in his inimitable style. The kapital of the Rebbe was read by Rabbi Yehoshua Werde of CHYE, followed by a siyum by Rabbi Shlomo Horowitz who is the Rosh Kollel of this group of shuls that they have every Monday and Wednesday night.

This was followed by a special video presentation of a group of yungerleit who learn Rambam together every day and mechazek each other.

The guest speaker for the evening was Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, shliach in Northern California. Rabbi Resnick delivered a warm and enthusiastic address, strongly encouraging the crowd to learn Rambam and make it a trusted part of your day.

The siyum and inspiring words had an immediate and recognizable effect, with many people in the crowd pledging to start learning Rambam and begin other keviusin to learn Torah.

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