Young Boys Receive Their First Siddur Near the Rebbe’s Room

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The Pre1A class of Cheder Ohr Menachem celebrated their Siddur Party on Sunday, starting with davening their first tefillah near the Rebbe’s room and continuing with a celebration in Eshel Hall.

After preparing for months and after weeks of excitement building up, the Pre1A class of Cheder Ohr Menachem received their first Siddurim near the Rebbe’s room on Sunday, followed by a ‘Siddur Party’.

The young students have been studying kriah over the year with their melamed Rabbi Tzemach Willanski and R’ Levi Nemirovski and with veteran mechanech Rabbi Yitzchok Fuchs. The pure young children learning the holy letters of the Alef Beis set the tone for them to receive and treasure a Siddur of their own.

Finally, the day came. Led by the afternoon melamed Rabbi Mendel Fischer, alongside the other mechanchim, the children headed towards 770 to daven their first tefillah in their new Siddurim near the Rebbe’s holy room.

Before they began, the children joined a short hachana farbrengen with the menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz and then began the tefilla with their new Siddurim in ‘Gan Eden Hatachton’. Their davening was followed by a heartfelt tefilla that all their tefillos should be niskabel, and they should grow chassidishe ovdei Hashem.’ They then headed to 770’s main shul for a joyous dance.

Festivities then continued at the Eshel Hall, where the official celebration was. Tremendous excitement was felt in the air as the starts of the Siddur Party, the Pre1Alef kinderlach, made their official entrance.

Greeting the parents was Rabbi Zalman Goldstein who emceed the ‘Mesibas Siddur’ event.

The children then received Birkas Kohanim from the menahel hamosdos Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hakohen Hendel followed by singing and dancing. Each boy then received their very own siddur and a piece of a specially made cake from their melamed.

“The talmidim came out of the event eagerly looking forward to a lifelong journey of limud hatorah with the strong foundations of yiras shamayim,” Rabbi Yusewitz told “They are already davening and storming the heavens to bring the hisgalus of the Rebbe now!”

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