You May Be Eligible for Free Grants and Loans

Many people do not realize, but they may be eligible for free grants and loans as a business, which can be  be a significant help. Are you eligible?

Out of work due to Covid-19? Has the pandemic affected your finances in a significant way?

You may be eligible for stimulus payments as a business if you are self-employed, says Shmuel Kaye, creator of, a small site loaded with information to help people understand how they might be eligible for unemployment and the stimulus payments from the CARES Act. 

On March 27th 2020, the federal government passed measures that directly benefit everyday Americans: a $2.2 trillion package called the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act.

Whilst most people have heard about the Act, and many have taken advantage of the personal stimulus packages, many aren’t aware that they can receive grants as a business as well.

“I spoke to many people who unfortunately didn’t realize that they are actually eligible for the business free grants and loans,” Shmuel told “In addition to regular businesses, many individuals are also eligible as they are considered a “business” without realizing it.”

“Basically, anyone who is self-employed, including people who work on a 1099, are eligible for all the small business grants and loans which can be a significant help for many people,” he said. “People can apply for these loans whether or not they are currently working.”

To help navigate the potentially tedious red tape, Shmuel prepared a video to guide through the process.

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