You Can Win Something Priceless Until 9:00 Tonight

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Communicated Content

Donate $54 to Yagdil Torah or more and enter a raffle to win something priceless. See article for details.

A message from Yagdil Torah of Crown Heights


Donate $54 or more to our annual campaign and enter a raffle to win something priceless. You can request anything as your prize whether or not it has a price and we will attempt to fulfill it; if we can’t fulfill it you will get a $500 consolation prize. If requested – each time you gave or give 54 (even if given in one shot) will give you another chance to win. Bonus: if you request a second ticket you will get another one for free on top of the above. 

Additional rules may apply, drawing will take place in coming weeks iy”h. Make sure to provide contact information so we can contact you with prize info.


Here are three reasons you WANT to be apart of Yagdil Torah’s campaign! (*See quotes below:)

Our success is for you
Our success is what you want to see happening
Our success is what the Rebbe wants to see happening


Support Yagdil Torah and help it be successful in its mission of continuing to inspire and provide outlets for Limmud Hatorah!
We have infused the campaign with the different features or programs Yagdil Torah has to offer. By spreading word of our campaign you are furthering Limmud Hatorah literally!
Cashapp at (347) 223-5943 or$YTorah
Zelle to (347) 223-5943 via your bank or
Paypal to [email protected]

Donations can be dropped of in our box located @ 383 Kingston Avenue room 188 (corner Crown) Sunday 12–4PM, Monday – Thursday 9AM–6:45PM, Friday 9AM–2PM
The Matchathon will take place from Tuesday 15 Kislev [Dec 1](Parshas Vayishlach) – Monday 21 Kislev [December 7] (Parshas Vayeishev) Ends @ 9:00 PM
Please spread the word and help publicize the importance of Yagdil Torah and Limmud Hatorah!

(The following quotes are all from the Sicha of Beraishis 5745):

“We must place effort, as much as possible, and more than that—to the effect that each and every Jewish person, in every place and situation, should have a set class for learning Torah.”
You can do this yourself.

“When you meet someone in the street, you should ask him if he has a Torah class yet.”
Yagdil Torah can do this for you.

“If he already has a [set] class for learning Torah, we must affect him to add even more in this.”
We can do this together.

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