You Can Stop a Jewish Father from Going to Prison

For the past several years of a tragic divorce, a frum father of 3 has run into legal issues after losing his job and not being able to pay child support. You can help him with a donation, or even with a loan.

Emergency Appeal! Pidyon Shvuyim! Under the guidance of the the Aleph Institute. The only thing preventing R’ Avrohom from going to jail is paying his attorney, who is giving a HUGE discount. He needs your help!

*Adjusting child support payments if someone’s financial circumstances change can only be done if there is a final judgement of divorce from court. 

For the past several years of a tragic divorce, a frum father of 3 has been unable to change the amount of child support he owes because the final judgement was not handed down- until last week. Even though it has been several years since the divorce began and his financial circumstances changed drastically since then, he has been unable to lower his payments and has continuously been in contempt of court for being unable to pay, which is considered a crime in the system and has led to him spending bouts in jail over and over again.

At the divorce’s outset, the amount determined he should pay was $5,800/month. At that time, the father was doing quite well financially. But right after the divorce, he lost everything, his businesses, his warehouses and inventory-you name it. Now, even with a good paying job, the amount owed is beyond out of his ability to reach.

And further, due to the times spent in jail and court so often, holding down a job, even a heimish and understanding boss has not been able to employ him for long because of his circumstances which prevent him from showing up to work for these brutal periods of time. He has been paying all he can, but that is still not enough for the court. As it stands, he is facing criminal charges, a felony, for not paying money he doesn’t have, and is facing 3 years in prison, G-d forbid!!!!!

Thank G-d, there is a frum attorney who is an expert in family and criminal law that can fight and is eagerly expecting to get this father out of these problems by helping him change the amount of child support. And until then, the attorney is hoping to prevent the judge from even being able to find the father in contempt in the first place until the final adjustments are made to the amount he owes, which will be significantly less. He gave a VERY large discount. However, the process is still costly and a sum of $15,000 is needed ASAP in order to pay the retainer.

The father of 3 is penniless and cannot afford any of this money alone. Please participate in this great mitzvah of פדיון שבויים which will directly acquit this person from any wrongdoing, avoiding prison time and allowing him and his family to move forward with their lives.

The details of this case are 100% verified.

(On a side note: The father is also willing to accept a loan! If you are interested please reach out to Rabbi Rechavel of the Advocacy Department of The Aleph Institute: 414-828-9833.)

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