You Can Help Your Hospitalized Relative

Following the article on, activists reached out to inform the public of resources families of hospitalized patients can utilize.

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A group of askonim are working with state officials to pass legislation to force hospitals to allow patient representatives or volunteers – including family members – to help and visit patients to ensure they are receiving proper care.

“As someone who spent years in hospitals with my parents OBM, I can attest to the critical importance of having a patient representative or family member in the hospital,” Crown Heights activist Yaakov Berhman told “This applies especially during these circumstances where doctors may be overwhelmed.”

“If one has a relative in the hospital, please contact one of the askanim listed below,” he said. “They are dealing with these cases day and night, and will know where to point you to.”

Message from Askanim:
We all heard horror stories of those suffering from COVID-19 and were admitted into the hospital and were not allowed visitation. However, in order to make their case, the askonim need firsthand stories from people recently hospitalized.

If you or a family member has a relevant story, please, please call us at 646-580-3040. Provide your name and phone number, patient full name, and the hospital they were in. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

“We have an opportunity to present our pleas to high government officials but we need concrete stories” they said.


The following resources have been shared with by activists:

Remote Monitoring

To monitor a hospitalized relative from home, call 917-999-0102.

Out-of-state Hospitals

The following askonim can advise on which hospitals to take a
patient to out of NY with a private ambulance (for example to Connecticut):
These are all volunteers.

Food to Hospitals

If you want to bring food into the hospital the telephone of the askanim is 845-579-5060. They know all the regulations how to send food to the hospital. Please note when you dial this number it will say “corona cream.” disregard the greeting and press for the representative to give you information about food.

Oxygen at Home

To get oxygen delivered to the house, dial:

Medical Equipment

To find advice about various medical equipment at home, call:

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