Our Visits Saved Our Father

From Anash.org inbox: A Crown Heights father was in critical condition with complications from COVID-19, his condition miraculously improved when he was finally allowed family visitation. The family wants others to know what they did and help bring a positive outcome.

By Anonymous

Our Father has been critically ill from complications due to the corona virus. He has weathered some very critical moments and he still needs ישועת ה.

We would like to share our experience with the hope that it can be helpful to others in need.

Our father has been in virtual isolation since being admitted to the hospital even putting a phone to his ear the hospital will hardly allow. He has been sedated for more than three weeks.

The situation had deteriorated to the point that they finally did allow two family members into the hospital because of their policy that visitations are only allowed when its the last hours of life. This past shabbos two family members were allowed to visit for 6 hours. At the visit they spoke to him, sang to him, you name it. Already during the visit the nurse was amazed and admitted that our father seemed a little better during the visit.

With Hashem’s help, our father’s health was seeing meaningful improvement this last few days. Nevertheless even being taken off sedation he wasnt waking up.

It is obvious to us all, that any person but particularly a person in such a vulnerable state needs the love, positive energy, and care that only family can provide. But as we all know visitation is not allowed so we made a youtube playlist with families voice messages music and sichos. We put pressure on the hospital to allow us to play it.

The technology should be available in the hospitals especially if he is in his own room (which we actually didn’t know was the case until that fateful visitation opportunity). Usually they should have something like a tablet for patients to use, It just needed a nurse to find a moment to make it happen.

The health care workers are definitely swamped and they may make nothing of this possibility but in our case, we put pressure on the family patient liaison office to guide the nurse to how simple of a task it is just to play the playlist (and leave the loop option on so it can replay if necessary). They didn’t allow a private channel so we just made a youtube channel with a playlist.

Our father was no longer sedated but he was not waking for a few days already and they were preparing for a CT scan to see what was going on in his brain. Three hours after the playlist started playing, our father opened his eyes. The PA acknowledged that these two events are connected. This happened today, and the situation is still fluid so we are still hoping for more besuros tovos.

Please, if you know someone in critical condition do not leave them in isolation, Hashem has given us the technology to reach out to our loved ones and infuse them with love, hope and chayus.

If you are in a similar situation and would like to verify our story please call 347 464 4387

May Hashem give all of כלל ישראל the רפואות and נחמות that we need.

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